Windsor is one of the leading manufacturer suppliers of grinding media. Range of grinding media includes ceramic balls, cylpebs, high chrome steel grinding media, hyper chrome steel grinding media, forged steel grinding media balls etc. apart from this Windsor also offers a wide range of brass balls and aluminum balls. These balls and grinding media are used worldwide in the mining industry to crush ore for further processing.

Windsor is using most modern machine and techniques for manufacturing grinding media. That makes Windsor’s product more trusted and reliable among mining industry and companies have given preference to Windsor’s grinding media in last decade over other brands.

Precision steel balls come in many sizes depending on their use. Steel ball sizes can range be developed as per clients requirement otherwise all standard sizes being produced in factory. Size and material may vary as per their use. The super-sized grinding balls are also developed as per requirements for special propose.
Now Windsor’s Steel grinding media are considered as highly engineered products that have established themselves as market and world leaders in this field.

Windsor do also supply steel balls to bearing manufacturers, where our bearing grade steel balls are preferred too.

Recently Windsor has introduced its new range of grinding media balls, with new metallurgical advancement upon their earlier product. As it was cleared earlier media will still be in continuation along with new one. There will be no change in price but latest media balls will cost customers a bit higher.
As Windsor grinding median doesn’t need any introduction, and its very popular among cement and mining industry for its unmatched performance.
As it was asked to one of engineer in the plant, that what makes their balls last longer than competitor’s? He replied there are certain compounds to be added at the time of manufacturing to make balls harder. And the harder the balls will longer the last.

Windsor is also serving a widest range of balls to the mining industry, along with all standard sizes and metal combinations, Windsor also serves the customers, who look the same product but with different specifications for different industry. this elasticity has enabled them to serve different industry and making an ever growing turnover graph.

Apart from grinding media balls, Windsor is a brand that keeps rolling many vehicles, as it is supplying steel balls to bearing industry for bearings. So it can be said countless cars, trucks, tractors and other vehicles are rolling smoothly because of Windsor’s balls.

At the end I would like to say, being an Indian company and having traditional infrastructure, it also have strength of professional approach of their workers and their experience make this third world company stand among western industries.

Windsor manufacturer steel grinding media of customized sizes and shapes along with the standard sizes and composition. Our steel grinding media is popular among cement and mining industry for its longer life and efficiency.